Sandhill Talent Capital is a Silicon Valley retained executive search firm based in Palo Alto, CA. We cater to lower to mid-market Private Equity (PE) firms and acquire exceptional and proven talent for their portfolio companies.. With every client, we develop a meaningful relationship to understand your unique leadership mandate, needs, and requirements. Our goal is to be a trusted advisor for the candidates, and a talent growth partner for the clients fostering long-term relationships that contribute to the success and growth of the businesses we serve.

Sand Hill Talent Capital uses proprietary methods to vet top executive candidates.



If your goal is to fill an open board seat, to find the right CEO, or to build out your C-suite dream team, Sandhill Talent Capital can simplify your search. We guarantee our proven executive search services will deliver vetted senior technology executives with the right credentials.

The PE firms take the companies vis-a-vis the executive teams very seriously. They need exceptional and tested leaders in various functional departments to grow the company. They do not want any compromises when it comes to the selection of the senior leadership talent for the key strategic positions. Since they want to have a thorough and targeted search to secure the top talent, they always prefer a consultative approach. They want a firm who can act as a strategic partner and trusted advisor to guide them through the entire search process. This exclusive commitment can only be provided by a retained search firm.

An executive retained search firm has more extensive resources and more time to attract top-notch talent operating at higher performances.  This is crucial for any PE firm seeking high-caliber executives to lead their portfolio companies. 

An exclusive retained search firm offers dedication, commitment, access to top talent, thoroughness, and the best effort toward a focused search.



Sandhill Talent Capital has a dedicated Private Equity practice, and our sweet spot is lower to middle-market firms. Our approach to executive search is founded on active listening, integrity, and trust. We believe no two leadership engagements are the same, so our talent acquisition strategies and solutions are customized and client focused.

We understand how crucial the talent acquisition needs for any PE firm and its portfolio companies are; we are adept, committed, and equipped to cast a wide net to attract, resource, and identify this top-notch talent.  We offer a consultative approach and act as a strategic partner with our PE backed portfolio companies. We guide and advise them through the entire process. Our laser focused approach to find the top-tier talent for your portfolio companies bears the right and desired results.  

As specialists in search and talent acquisition for Silicon Valley board members and C-suite executives, our strength comes from decades of practical insight and industry knowledge of the ultra-competitive technology sector. As a client of Sandhill Talent Capital, you benefit from our leveraged network of high-performing Silicon Valley executives as well as the top talent across North America. We have carefully cultivated deep relationships over the years to bring you the top-quality executive talent your business needs most.

Sandhill Talent Capital has achieved positive outcomes for our partner clients and their new leaders by perfecting a proprietary methodology we call the 6 Principles, or the 6 Ps of Leadership Acquisition and Formation. We have seen remarkable results. Just ask our clients.

We specialize in accelerated talent recruitment for Silicon Valley organizations. With more than twenty years of experience spanning the hottest hi-tech sectors, we know how to find and close the highest qualified candidates who have what it takes to lead.

You can trust Sandhill Talent Capital to match you with the right candidate for the right role. We shrink your recruitment time and costs. You can focus on growing your business, not sourcing candidates. That’s the talent capital we bring to your table.

As your exclusive retained executive search partner, we use our proprietary talent source methodology to find senior executive candidates who fit your culture and best match your specific leadership needs.

Sand Hill Talent Capital treats each executive search as unique unlike big faceless search consultancies.
Silicon Valley dreamers are great. Our executive search gets them in front of you.



With the growing demand for top talent within the PE backed companies across the globe, you need a solid search firm that can offer you a committed and focused approach to your leadership talent needs. You need someone who can conduct an exclusive, comprehensive, and thorough search to find the rare gems for all the key leadership positions within your portfolio.

Silicon Valley is a place where dreamers have dared greatly. Some succeeded wildly, but a lack of strategy means a lack of execution–there’s an old cliché about Strategy being Everything, Execution everything else.

If you’re reading this now, we have a strong belief you’re in search of executive leaders at the highest levels of your organization – Executive Leaders who can both think and act. You need them now. We know them. We’ll get them in front of you.

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SAND Hill Talent Capital offers job seekers, employers and recruiters talent recruiting innovation for the modern workforce.

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We leverage our understanding of technology with our professional network to help identify the best candidates for your Leadership Recruitment Mandates.

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Focusing exclusively on the Technology Industry, we serve early stage, venture backed and pre-public companies.